about a wedding DJ near me and a private party DJ near me

I have been performing and entertaining crowds big and small for over a decade and a half. Hailing from Fort Worth, my venues include those from small coffee shops to large corporate events that span across the country.


I have gained fairly high praise from restaurants, wine bars, country clubs, and many house parties and private events. The tesitmonies of my clients attest to my desire to entertain well.


With a combination of guitar, singing, looping pedal, and several music apps, my style continues to evolve with sounds ranging from simple piano and bass, to more intricate tones remiscent to that of pop-EDM.

I also have an expansive set of DJ songs that grows with every presentation I play. You can find anything from Nat King Cole to Bruno Mars, from rock classics to Latin Salsa and everything else in between. There are times I just do a DJ set, but my favorite is to start off with acoustic and rev it up with a later DJ performance. This especially works at weddings when the reception calls for nice, possibly lively acoustic music for the dinner/cocktail time, and then raises the energy for a fun, upbeat DJ dance set.


I draw from a song list includes a majority of Top 40 lists that span 5 decades, along with country, R&B, and more current hits that you would find on the radio today.


Although I enjoy playing and singing most anywhere, I usually prefer settings where I can interact and liven up the mood wherein the people can enjoy, dance, sing, or just have a great time grooving to tunes being presented in such a unique way.


I am sure to provide for your sonic needs in a very professional manner and will courteously and cordially work to meet your needs. Contact me today to go over your next event, whatever the size the venue is.