My son the Sport Stacker

Musician dads are proud of their sons, especially if that son got three 1st place medals in his very first sport stacking tournament! My son, Santiago, who is only 6 years old, started his cup stacking journey only two short months ago. He had seen a demonstration at his elementary school back in November and I remember it was all he could talk about. Well, with a suggestion to grandma, he was gifted Christmas day with his very own stack of 12 flame designed cups, along with a flame designed mat and a timer. It wasn't long before he tried to best his time every day. Soon after, we were blessed to find that there was a sport stacking club right across the street from where my wife works as a teacher in Keller. Little did we know that the club is lead by Jimmy and Carmen Griffith, whose son, Trey, is one of the fastest 12yo stackers in the WORLD, is on Team USA and is joined by several others that are also on the national team. He was greatly encouraged and mentored and gained skill and confidence. We decided it would be a fun thing to compete in the Mesquite Regional Tournament. Even though they had team events and relays, Santiago only competed in individual events. You can check out rules and videos and such at if you want to know more about it, or check out the videos I have posted of Santi on my FaceBook page. Needless to say, he medaled in all three events for the 6 and under category. It makes me a proud father indeed to see my son's desire to succeed in something that takes such focus and determination. Way to go Santi!

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