Medals, trophies, and new songs???

My son Santiago and I just got back from the Junior Olympics in Novi, Michigan. All I can say is that it rocked!!! Santi did great(as usual) in the 7yo male division by taking Gold in all three individual events. I did myself proud by taking 3rd in 3-3-3 and 3-6-3 each and also taking 2nd in cycle. But, besides the accolades and bling, one thing that really stands out with sport stacking is that the community of stackers ALL encourage each other and help each other to get better, no matter what age or gender. This truly is a sport that seeks to be about the stackers and not just about the stacking! If you want to know more about me or Santiago, follow me on Instagram @lucestacker and Santiago @santistacks. You can also like Santi's page on FaceBook at Santistacks!

Also, check for my site for upcoming videos! I'm going to get one done for this month, since last month was so busy. September will be especially tasty, because I plan on doing a new concept video, so, stay tuned!!

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