Videos, Sport Stacking, and Medi-Cal

You know, I love a lot of the 80s pop-rock and one hit wonders. I have a fairly wide assortment in my set list. This is one example of a combo of those things: Always Something There To Remind Me. Check it out on my video page. I used elements of Hyperlapse and Slow Mo to give it an interesting effect.

This next weekend my son Santiago and I will be competing in a sport stacking tournament in Mesquite, TX. It will be Santi's 3rd and my 2nd. I'm hoping we can both get some gold!

My mother, who had lived in Libby, Montana for the better part of 16 years, has been transplanted to San Jose, California and is being taken care of temporarily by my sister Laura. She didn't have any retirement and is waiting for Medi-Cal(California's medicaid program) to kick in. For those of you that have grandparents, or even parents that have to be put into a retirement home, and have NO retirement saved up, this is something that is nice to have because retirement homes are FREAKING EXPENSIVE. In California alone I was told that the average is $6K-$8K per MONTH! We are all praying that Medi-Cal will cover these costs.

Ok. You're caught up for now. Check my schedule and let me know if you want Greg Luce Music to come and entertain you for your block party, wedding, corporate event, or pretty much just anything!

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