Parties, Ableton, and the Search for New Songs

I think I need to look back at all the parties, wedding, and corporate events I've played and think "Why am I not doing more of these???". Work can be work sometimes, but it probably shouldn't be. I am blessed to be able to music as a solo musician and DJ for a LIVING!!! Thank you, Lord! So, what I am working on:

1. New look for my website

2. Finally re-worked my Ableton looping set up so that I can get a better monitor mix without playing and singing super hard!

3. Got inspiration for performance and building the business side my craft from Rod Baker and Dan Quinn.

4. Considering doing live videos, but recording it live with multiple angles and editing them to make a true live video that is polished!

There's times it's too easy to be a one man band and keep doing what I do for the gigs. This is time I need to get off my butt and really work at what's WORKING! I love doing what I do for a living. If you'd like to know more, you can send me a message on my Booking Page, even if it's just a technical question.

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