Old style, new twist!

This has been interesting times for our quarantine and isolation. We are finally coming out of the woodwork to practice coming together again in public places. It's a new time, which also means new things are being done on my end.

As you may have seen, I've started to do my live streams on Facebook with a bit more professionalism. My streams have the full sound plugged in by way of a USB mixer, instead of the sound just being picked up by the iPhone, and, my presentations are being done with Streamlabs OBS. It's a free program that helps to create interactive aspects, along with multiple camera angles. I'm going to be doing more and more of these, so make sure to like my Greg Luce Music page and follow me to watch my live shows. Also, you can keep up with my schedule to see when these shows will be. I usually stream the first hour of my shows. You will be able to interact through the comments. I always appreciate requests, and if you're enjoying the music through your phone or computer screen, I have a way for you to send your appreciation through online tips. I have Venmo, CashApp, Chase Quick Pay, and PayPal. I hope to see you "out" there!

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